IWLA Establishes “Essential Designation” for Logistics Industry

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The International Warehouse Logistics Association, IWLA, has been working with the Department of Homeland Security, FDA, state officials and many cities to achieve “essential” designation for warehousing and transportation work at national and local levels. Supply chain activities are vital to ensure that essential goods flow in times of national emergency.

IWLA contributed to draft language sent on March 19 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Administration (CISA) to state, local, tribal and territorial governments regarding critical infrastructure during the COVID19 crisis. The advisory is available at:  https://www.cisa.gov/identifying-critical-infrastructure-during-covid-19.

CISA Director Christopher Krebs noted that this advisory is not meant to be an exhaustive list and will be informed by sector coordinating councils and the evolving conditions. The key will be how this gets acted on and how this shapes decision making. CISA is seeking feedback on this guidance, which IWLA will provide.

The food sector description includes: “Employees and firms supporting food, feed, and beverage distribution, including warehouse workers, vendor- managed inventory controllers and blockchain managers.”

 Other language specific to the warehouse logistics industry reads:

  • Employees supporting or enabling transportation functions, including dispatchers, maintenance and repair technicians, warehouse workers, truck stop and rest area workers, and workers that maintain and inspect infrastructure (including those that require cross-border travel).
  • Employees of firms providing services that enable logistics operations, including cooling, storing, packaging, and distributing products for wholesale or retail sale or use.

IWLA and other industry associations including the Cold Chain Alliance, sent letters on March 20 to all U.S. governors asking for a declaration that warehouse/transportation workers as “essential” at the state level. Similar letters were sent to mayor and other officials  who are considering “shelter in place” orders.

For more information or to report problems you are encountering with state and/or local officials follow the DHS advisory, contact IWLA at mail@IWLA.com.

3PLs Working Together

IWLA is encouraging its members to help one another to resolve issues with deliveries due to facility closures, state and local governments rules of commerce. It suggests that carriers who cannot complete work because of COVID 19 restrictions reach out to each other for assistance. This could include temporary receiving and storage of inventory for facilities that are closed. To find members, email mail@IWLA.com with your issue. Or call 847.813.0114 and they will research and help you find another IWLA company that may provide a solution.


Cadre is a long standing IWLA Partner Member and regularly participates in IWLA events. Due to fast-changing developments regarding COVID-19, IWLA postponed the 2020 IWLA Convention & Expo that was scheduled for last week.

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